Thoughts of an Old Man

Entry one, 23 January 2018

This is a strange experience for me, writing a blog!  In all my long professional life, I’ve always known those whom I may be addressing.  But this is like writing into the air, sending thoughts into endless space.  Maybe the best way to approach such a task is to treat it as if I am thinking out loud.

Many of my thoughts lately are centered on the question of whether humanity will ever attain real and lasting unity and peace on this very small, insignificant planet we all inhabit.  It hasn’t happened in my lifetime or your lifetime.  It has not happened in all previous human generations.  We are creatures of conflict and unlimited potential and tragically flawed.  It takes us too long to become wise.  That is what I mean by the phrase “tragically flawed.”

Becoming smart is relatively easy, especially in narrow bands of training.  One becomes “smart” by learning the required tasks and being able to apply the gained knowledge in the performance of those tasks.  Most adults can become smart.  Even children can be smart.  We have all known children described as  “smart for their age.”

Becoming wise, however, is a long process.  The road to wisdom is endless.  One achieves levels of wisdom through continuous learning and varying experiences and self-evaluations, including evaluations of whether the attained knowledge has value.  To live life wisely is an achievable and worthy individual goal.  It is also a desirable and necessary collective goal if humanity and our little planet have much of a future.

I’ll stop here and wait to see if this brief statement in space stimulates any receptive minds.  The “Thoughts of An Old Man” blog was created after the publication of a neat little book entitled “My Old Man Tree” which can be found on Lulu, Amazon, Barnes and Noble,and iBookstore.  It’s a good one to read to children who might enjoy thinking beyond themselves.



1 thought on “Thoughts of an Old Man

  1. I loved this book! My Old Man Tree is a story with beautiful photographs that appeals to all ages. Sure makes you want to visit Anastasia Island to see if the tree is still there. Hope there are more books like this in the future.


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