Thoughts of an Old Man

This is my last entry.  I started it originally to give some publicity to our recently published book, “The Old Man Tree.” (Our publisher, Lulu Press, made the suggestion.)  But “Thoughts of an Old Man” was never about our book, as any review of the previous entries will show.

I decided I’m not a “blogger.”  I don’t even refer to this effort as “blogging.”  And I don’t want to contribute to the “noise” that pervades all of our lives, sometimes beyond endurance.  I love simplicity, quiet, contemplation, gentleness, truth and beauty, and these can’t be found or experienced by constantly responding to the gadgets we own or otherwise reacting to all the stimuli designed to get our attention.  We must learn to give our attention deliberately and wisely.

Let us do the simple stuff: accumulate friends rather than things; make the world a better place each day that we live; do rather than tell; live up to our word and our responsibilities; give rather than take; revere life; bring peace and good wherever we go; give all and expect nothing.  Let us live simply, gently, and peacefully.  I now log off.

Ken McCullough



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